Interesting Snapshots


During a walk on the WB&A trail this hawk posed very nicely for me

Some other hikers came by and it spooked.   I got this picture as it flew off.

This is a pair of hooded mergansers (fish-eating ducks) that frequent a pond near here.   They dive for their food like loons.

The background for this "portrait" of Dangle is actually a partially-primed out-of-focus sheet of drywall.

Here's a turtle chowing down on a pawpaw on the C+O Canal.

A pile of kittens on my neighbor's back porch (There are actually four of them.)

What's wrong with this picture?   Answer: That's a night blooming cerius and it's broad daylight!


There's always a nonconformist in the crowd.   This azalea put out this single pink flower in a sea of white ones every year.

This year it decided to compromise.

My back yard in the fall.


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