Here are some items previously offered but I got no response or a response and no follow-up or responder was a no-show:
OFFER: 20" color monitor CRT. Kept when my monitor died from a shorted flyback transformer. If you are interested I will dig it out from under the cellar steps and try to determine more information about it.
I will deliver some small items that may not be otherwise be worth your while or gas money to pick up. Here is the criteria:
You live in old Greenbelt (or within a mile or so of MD rt 193 between the intersection of MD routes 193 and 564 and there) and can accept delivery on the weekend.   (This also applies to larger items.)
You are within reasonable walking distance and will accept delivery during daylight hours.   (Definitions:   "Accept delivery" also means I can just drop it somewhere at your address - you need not be present.   "Reasonable walking distance" for me means within about a 5 mile radius of the intersection of MD routes 193 and 564. This includes all of Glenn Dale and almost all of Old Bowie and Old Greenbelt.




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